Download Epub Format ¸ Don't read this book : time management for creative people PDF by ¸ Collectif

Download Epub Format ¸ Don't read this book : time management for creative people PDF by ¸ Collectif I love the book I never thought of myself as one who would need a book on being more productive, but after being assigned to read this for a class anyway, I still found Don't read This Book to be incredibly helpful in how I carry out my projects.

Yes, you need to be a creative or work in a creative field for this book to apply to you, but if you clear that bar, I highly recommend this.
The simple but powerful viewpoints of the author (such as how most productivity gurus try to train you to work more to be "productive" when working more isn't as effective as using your time wisely) have made me deeply rethink my workflow, such as how multitasking is a myth, or how standard group brainstorming only generates okay ideas instead of provocative, groundbreaking ones.

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My husband and I are both creatives who view the world and time through different lenses.
This book as given me some valuable concepts and language to consider as we move through life together.
I've enjoyed reading this book.
I learned a few things that i'm actually putting in practice and they have helped to get me to focus.
GREAT read for anyone looking for advice on how to help manage creative people.
Marvelous subject; great book!

Must read book , I m working as a designer since 1998 but still I learned few things from this book.
Thanks author .
keep writing.
A very interesting point of view and ideas of how to be more creative and what things to do, sometimes as a designer, we dont know how to manage some things, with this book you'll get some ideas.

En tant qu’auteur connu, certains de ses livres fascinent les lecteurs, comme dans le livre Don't read this book : time management for creative people , qui est l’un des lecteurs les plus recherchés Collectif auteurs dans le monde.